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Tribute to Denise Inge & Her Work on Thomas Traherne, Part I

In 2003, I was first introduced to Denise Inge through her book, Thomas Traherne: Poetry and Prose, which had been published in 2002. As with many long-time lovers of Traherne’s Centuries of Meditations, I was thrilled to discover this scholar … Continue reading

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Who was Thomas Traherne?

Our understanding of Thomas Traherne’s life and contribution is growing as his works continue to be discovered and studied. In brief, Traherne was a 17th century English philosopher, poet, priest, and theologian. A.M. Allchin observed that “The quality which strikes … Continue reading

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Why the title, “Surprised by Traherne”

I need to begin this blog by explaining why I titled it, “Surprised by Traherne.” The answer will flesh itself out through what I hope will be many entries to follow. But, in brief, there are at least three reasons … Continue reading

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