Tribute to Denise Inge & Her Work on Thomas Traherne, Part II

Denise Inge’s writings about Traherne are a treasure of scholarship and general reading because they are immersed in (1) all of Traherne’s writings including the Lambeth manuscripts, and (2) the full breadth of Traherne scholarship from the early 20th century up until 2009.

David Ford summarized beautifully in his Foreword to Dr. Inge’s Wanting Like a God:

“Dr. Inge has over many years steeped herself in Traherne and the rapidly growing literature about him, has written on him, and has recently edited a reader that covers the range of his works and is the best available introduction to them. The present study shows where all that has been heading. It reveals a fine scholar and theologian stretching her mind and imagination to engage with all the main aspects of Traherne’s varied life and work.”

In her “trilogy” (Thomas Traherne: Poetry and Prose, Happiness and Holiness, and Wanting Like a God), Dr. Inge has given us a place to stand, no matter the degree of one’s previous exposure to Traherne. She offers the best introductory volume on Traherne’s works, the best extensive biography and topical sampling from all of Traherne’s writings, and one of the broadest and most mellifluous scholarly works on the primary themes across Traherne’s writings.

We will never be able to repay our debt to Denise Inge for her work, but, like Traherne, we will be able to enjoy her gifts for centuries.

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