Worthy Companions As We Read Traherne

We live during an ideal time for enjoying Thomas Traherne. We’ve had nearly 120 years of Traherne manuscript discoveries and enough time for great thinkers and writers to have reflected on his writings and offer their own meditations and analyses. Among the most valuable contributions are those of Bertram Dobell, H.M. Margoliouth, Louis Martz, A.M. Allchin, and Denise Inge.

These contributors come from a variety of professions, from book sellers to literary scholars to professors to clergy. Yet, they all possess literary and spiritual sensibilities of the highest degree. Each of them has an angle on Traherne’s writing that can enhance our own experience. Their contributions span the early 20th century, the mid 20th century, the late 20th century, and the early 21st century. They are part of a consistent, continuous thread.

In the next few blog posts, I will be reflecting briefly on some of the contributions each of these writers has made to my own experience of Traherne.

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