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Reading Traherne’s Centuries with Bertram Dobell

Bertram Dobell was born 200 years after Thomas Traherne, but Traherne’s greatest literary contribution would not have made its way into the hands of the general public except through Dobell. Dobell’s life is a classic Victorian story that exemplifies the … Continue reading

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Worthy Companions As We Read Traherne

We live during an ideal time for enjoying Thomas Traherne. We’ve had nearly 120 years of Traherne manuscript discoveries and enough time for great thinkers and writers to have reflected on his writings and offer their own meditations and analyses. Among … Continue reading

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Traherne and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It is not difficult to make connections between Thomas Traherne and cognitive therapy. Denise Inge, the foremost Traherne scholar, observed in a 2009 Book Depository interview (Inge interview) that Traherne’s “invitation to choose happiness is very much like what we … Continue reading

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Tribute to Denise Inge & Her Work on Thomas Traherne, Part II

Denise Inge’s writings about Traherne are a treasure of scholarship and general reading because they are immersed in (1) all of Traherne’s writings including the Lambeth manuscripts, and (2) the full breadth of Traherne scholarship from the early 20th century … Continue reading

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Who was Thomas Traherne?

Our understanding of Thomas Traherne’s life and contribution is growing as his works continue to be discovered and studied. In brief, Traherne was a 17th century English philosopher, poet, priest, and theologian. A.M. Allchin observed that “The quality which strikes … Continue reading

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Why the title, “Surprised by Traherne”

I need to begin this blog by explaining why I titled it, “Surprised by Traherne.” The answer will flesh itself out through what I hope will be many entries to follow. But, in brief, there are at least three reasons … Continue reading

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